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Litigator Profile - Jay Edelson

Jay Edelson is the Founder and CEO of Edelson PC. He has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading class action lawyers, especially in the areas of privacy, technology, and consumer advocacy.

Federal courts have recognized Jay as a “pioneer” in the emerging field of electronic privacy, having established key precedent in cases throughout the country and reaching some of the most important settlements in this space (collectively totaling over $200 million). He has developed much of the positive law under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, especially in the area of text message spam, earning him the moniker “the Spam Slammer”. His cases against the national banks’ suspensions of home equity lines of credit in the aftermath of the housing collapse resulted in the restoration of billions of dollars of consumer credit lines. Based primarily on his success in bringing consumer technology class actions, the national press has dubbed Jay and his firm the “most feared” litigators in Silicon Valley and, according to the New York Times, tech’s “babyfaced … boogeyman.” Most recently, Chicago Lawyer Magazine dubbed Jay “Public Enemy No. 1 in Silicon Valley.” The international press has called Jay one of the world’s “profiliertesten (most prominent)” privacy class action attorneys.

In addition to complex defense-side litigation, which he handles only in select cases, Jay also offers strategic support to start-ups, including several that have become national brands. Jay is a frequent speaker and writer on class action issues, the practice of law more generally, and training and law firm management - the latter earning him recognition by the ABA as one of “the most creative minds in the legal industry”. He is an adjunct professor at Chicago-Kent School of Law, where he has taught seminars on class actions and negotiation. He has written a blog for Thomson Reuters, called Pardon the Disruption, where he focused on ideas necessary to reform and reinvent the legal industry.