Chief Revenue Officer

Eric Eckhardt

Eric has over 18 years of experience aligning organizations' operations, technology, and resourcing with customer-centric strategic growth and innovation initiatives. For the past 13 years, Eric’s experience involves the business of law; working for legal services firms, legal technology firms, and consulting with in-house legal teams and, Class Action, and Mass Tort law firms throughout the world.

Alongside team members and clients, Eric worked to co-create solutions that broke down antiquated business practices and applied technology and analytics insights to drive strategic growth and risk abatement – most notably data security risk.

At Angeion, Eric will drive sustainable growth and align organizational structures to support clients, claimants, and the other stakeholders in both domestic and global mass litigation, including mass torts, class actions, mass arbitration and collective redress actions in emerging jurisdictions.

Eric is a certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and speaks fluent English and French. He holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Texas Arlington and a master’s degree in Business Analytics from Syracuse University.