Data Breach

Simplify and Accelerate Breach Response

When a data breach occurs, providing timely and accurate information to affected individuals is crucial for seamless crisis management. Corporate clients and their legal counsel turn to Angeion Group for the rapid data breach response solutions that support notification and compliance efforts, facilitate message control, and aid litigation strategies. Angeion delivers the immediate, expert response services that provide our clients with trusted professionalism and peace of mind after a data breach event.


Data Breach Notification
From large-scale mass mailings to potential breach members, to targeted advertising campaigns, Angeion Group's data breach notification services support the implementation of comprehensive and cost-effective communications programs. Our in-house print and mail capabilities and digital media expertise supports the development of customized direct and multi-media notice programs.

Customized Websites
Leveraging our technology infrastructure and technical staff, Angeion can also develop and host custom websites that can be continuously updated to provide timely and accurate communication with your audience.

Call Center
Angeion can establish a dedicated toll-free telephone line and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messaging within hours after your initial call to us. Within days, we can train and staff a call center with customer service representatives (CSRs) on the specifics of your situation.

Data Management
Our team of technical experts will ensure that your customer information is accurate and well-structured to facilitate efficient notification and management of your contact with customers.

Program Oversight and Compliance
Angeion's notice professionals can operate as a seamless and flexible component of your data breach response efforts, providing a comprehensive solution, either in lieu of, or as a supplement to your in-house capabilities.